Suffering & Sacrifice

Open up that heavy door and take a peak inside
That’s more than most have ever done though I’ve asked a thousand times
Throw stones at God; blame him for pain; question where he was
Toss God away for what he doesn’t do; don’t see just what God does.

Evil has no tendency to name God’s curtain call
In fact, it stands to block our view, have us join in its cabal
Perpetuate the myth that God, at sign of pain, departs
Impotent, voyeur, masochist. No, God’s no bleeding heart.

Toss down your view! Crush it underfoot! See, first we’re all at fault
We wage our wars to break these bonds, our ontologies’ assault
For God can slip on human skin and become a sacrifice
But one and done. Clean up the kill. No “go, and do likewise.”

Admit the truth: his blood remains; it’s in the air we breathe
The end of suffering’s not the aim; it’s something else we seek
All nature shows a giving in, a willingness to feed
And heaven moves for willing hearts, for suffering breaks the seed.

See! There’s God, with hands nailed down; there’s God beneath the earth
And what will grow with lives laid down no evil can subvert
But blind ourselves to evil’s dance – then we can’t see how God can save
And blindness keeps us weak, unbound, tucked neatly in the grave.