Our Oval Office

Name it, Lord. Show its face. O see! It’s killing us.
Low decibel, unseen but felt, eroding peace and trust.
Black lives matter, but they don’t; outraged white men roar,
Swallowed in their “but what of me?” Fear now takes the floor.
They’re asking prejudice to dance, thinking theirs the bigger hand.
They’re voicing every human vice that self-centeredness lets stand.
Bravado blots the conscience out, one by one they’re joined
By men who once had dignity, led by a spoiled boy.
Rise again, America! This is what evil does!
It crawls inside our weakest links; O see! It uses us
To build the walls, to cast the blame, to rise by putting down.
Survival of the fittest cries, and bullies gather ’round!
O! Stand and cry, “This is enough!” Let human spirits soar!
Tear Christ from their agenda – this is not Christian anymore.
Goodness has been compromised; it is time to overthrow
This Emperor and his entourage – my God, they have no clothes!