Jesus doesn’t look like that

Lean your Christ in front of mirrors
(No reflection’s staring back)
Ignore the thousand voices saying
He doesn’t look like that.

O! but you’re the righteous one
The anointed one who knows
America’s modern Pharisee
Wearing high class white men’s clothes.

And you’ve dug your groove too deeply
You can’t see above its walls
You command respect of tyrant kings
While truth, compassion fall.

“Holy” with you is passive
“Christian” with you is skewed
The Bible a condemnation scale
Your exit’s overdue.

Repent! Throw down perception!
Repent! Get up and serve!
See how my Sermon unifies
To condemn, you use my word!?

My fire to ignite all souls
My grace to draw them near
It is mine to guide the salvation
Of each with trembling and with fear!

It is not yours to part the masses
To say who and who will not see me
Remove no one’s hand from atop the plow
Speak mercy – or, do not speak!