See, chaos isn’t hidden now
In back rooms, behind closed doors.
See, it isn’t crouching, crawling
Like it was before.
Shame doesn’t slow its motion,
Inhibition’s up and died.
Turmoil wins another battle,
Take a back seat, peace of mind.

Arms yourselves, raise your warriors!
Don’t look your neighbor in the eye.
Don’t believe a word he utters,
Watch your back, expect the lie.
Shout! Be noisy! Heed the loudest!
Take comfort in the thickest shield.
Now’s the time of darkness, people,
Toss our history in the field.

O! But if we do, then set’s the pathway!
The quickest map to all our doom.
For chaos thrives when loud’s the ruler,
When sacrifice stays in its room.
If any time demanded presence,
Now’s that time to bear our hearts,
To take love out and wield its power,
To remind each of us just who we are.

Fierce the force of love and kindness!
All colors stand when love’s the lead.
See the good within us rising,
Tending to this aching need.
For peace, for justice, for chaos ending,
For reasoned tones and lifted eyes,
Send chaos back to hell, O people
By way of truth, now, may we rise!