Congressional Address

Sell us out for party.
Sell us out for gold.
Pretend our words have weight while you
Capitulate control.
Warning signs fall at your feet, and
Wisdom has no chance.
The Religious Right
Has tossed its Knight
To with the devil dance.

Peer into the future, please,
When babies write the script.
For history texts, in high relief –
You get the brunt of it!
No Gilded Age. No Post War Boom.
No Enlightenment!
You’ve played with fools;
You’re ridiculed –
“The Age of One Percent.”

A photo op screams off the page;
The caption says it well:
“Congress turned a deaf ear when
All truth and justice fell.”
And there you are, right out in front
With blinders ’round your eyes!
They named your price,
You sacrificed
The American way of life.

Take up your pen; rewrite this scene!
Realize the power’s yours!
Find what’s good in Red and Blue.
Reboot! Rebuild! Restore!
Don’t let this run its natural course.
We’ve far too much to lose.
Ill-gotten gains
Are not maintained.
Our children are watching you.