Their — Our — Children

Wipe your color off on me
While I walk among your graves.
Teach me how to amputate
What denigrates, enslaves.
Put my hand to labor so
They don’t see themselves as less.
O God! My God! Look what we’ve done
With white skin ranking best.

Hatred hides in “wisdom.” O!
Hatred thrives in fear.
Prejudice comes knocking in
The things that some call “dear.”
Shake us, Christ; show us your hands, but
Still we pierce your feet!
Teach us how to rout from us
What lets this hatred be.

Ah! I see the evil!
Ah! I see it clear!
Freeze that frame! Give it a name!
So we can lance it here.
Start again the motion that will
End this killing spree.
My God, don’t let those babies
Turn a questioning eye to me!

In honor of the opening of the Equal Justice Initiative’s Museum and Memorial.
©kelleyrenz 2018