The Cleansing of St. Peter’s Square

You cannot fix this gaping hole
(It does not heal that way.)
Just let it sink; it needs to die;
Its ends were much too frayed.
Words of defense just anger us
(The Church is ours to save.)
Your role is not to turn back ‘round
And revive it from its grave.

Long betrayed this Body’s been.
You behave as if you’re whole.
While half your brain, your heart
Lies cut, dismembered from its soul.
O! rise to be the prophet now!
Put woman in her place!
Beside, next to, with equal voice,
Willed blindness to erase!

Could this sin have not been played
Had white men shared the aisle?
Had they listened, followed Christ,
Made Magdalene’s voice worthwhile?
Had they not used the word of God
To lift themselves on high,
And kept true Mary’s image down,
Saccharine sweet, the lie.

Tis not just Jesus in Peter’s Square
With staff and whip in hand!
But Mary’s there, for every child
Whose suffering was banned.
For every woman called to lead,
For priests who tried to guard,
For religious, laity, other faiths,
Her anger now unbarred.

Remove the blinders from your eyes!
Renovate the clergy’s homes!
Lead all faiths! Put women back
Where God intended all along.
Use your minds; obey your hearts!
Take courage! Balance all!
For as long as any are looked down upon,
Evil thrives within your walls!