A Call to Purple Arms

Remember how we used to see,
When colors were the same,
When what you perceived and what I saw
Shared a common name?

I gasp and pant by each day’s end
On streets that have no lines,
Where cars as weapons take revenge
For YOU encroached on MINE.

Give up our minds for lower selves
And laugh as conscience fades,
And Jonah walks through Nineveh
Where deaf and dumb pervade.

O! Peril! For man, for woman who
Will turn their backs on truth.
O steel the door for nothing’s safe
When reason can’t get through.

Fade from view, a mighty place, for
Pharisees have returned.
They’ve vilified the other side,
And opposition burned.

Offering self to evil means,
No end can justify.
When selves are sold, there is no gold,
Only violence, anger, lies.

But, O! I can hear it!…
Join with me and hear it…

Thunder’s in the distance
It’s a million marching feet!
The humble there have left their chairs
The liars to defeat,

Saying no to mirror selves,
“Just us” to numb and lance.
Knowing anchor’s weight is full,
Embracing mercy’s chance.

Do not let this nation sink!
Show each weak link the door!
For they’ve betrayed the words that made
Lady Liberty come ashore.

Hear their whistle, this mighty throng
For whom color has been restored.
Stoles of purple on shoulders wide,
A Lincoln era’s born.

How? Heed wisdom from all faiths:
Sacrifice is key!
Do no harm; open muscled arms;
Respect, civility!

Mix Red with Blue, see beauty there!
Do not stand when others bend.
Shed those who divide; refuse foul cries.
Make this land better than it’s ever been!

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